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Hello all of you Freedom Lovers and Druthers Readers and Supporters! Welcome to the Druthers page of the North Okanagan Shuswap Truth and Freedom movement! 

Our goal for this page is to keep our readers informed about the Druthers Newspaper. We will let people know where to pick up the papers and where to drop off donations. We encourage shoppers to support any businesses that help us out. We currently have bundle runners, running from town to town, with boots on the ground delivering papers to shops and stores, while others deliver door to door. If you own a business or know of someone who would be willing to have Druthers papers at their location, please let us know! The more exposure the better!  

We would like to get donation cans into all of the stores and shops that are distribution sites for Druthers, from Lake Country to Vernon, as well as Lumby, Armstrong, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Tappen, Sorrento and on to Kamloops and beyond. If everyone popped a loonie into a donation can for the paper, each one of those dollars would buy the next 10 copies of Druthers. Any amount of donation is gladly accepted! We are currently delivering approximately 65 bundles, which is 6500 papers distributed total in our zone! With everyone’s donations, we can ensure a steady, sustainable income flow to keep Druthers in circulation. 

If anyone would like some Druthers decals to put on the donation cans, I have ordered 50. They should be here soon. If you make personal donations directly to Druthers, please let me know the amount so that I can add the amount to the monthly total.  

If you have any ideas or other questions, contact Tal -  

Current Locations for Druthers Newspapers and Donation Cans 


Saturday 12:00 – 2:00 at Polson Park rally at the fountain  


Askews Plaza – Gathering Grounds Thrift Shop & Express Printing  

Askews Plaza – Dollar Dollar Store  


There will be possible locations in Winfield, Lumby, and Salmon Arm coming this month, April 2023.  

We will update you each month on the amount we raised in the previous month, as does Druthers for all of Canada. We can compare how we are doing in our region with the rest of Canada.

Amount of Donations Collected at the Rally


February - $500.00  

March - $300.00  


Thank you to all who help and donate! Without you, freedom loving dedicated people, none of this would be possible!