Onesmalltown is a global movement to free humanity from the financial money
slavery system AND the societal practise of scarcity - to transform our living
experience to reflect the reality of our planet: abundance and prosperity for all
through collaboration and cooperation.
OST began as a plan to download and actualize the Ubuntu vision of Michael
Tellinger (South African) into our daily lives. Now, today, 2023, the onesmalltown
plan is being implemented around the world including right here in the Okanagan
Shuswap valley. Interested? Email for more info.
The vision is very simple. By shifting our society impetus to voluntary collaboration
and cooperation, very quickly we will experience the true overflowing abundance
our planet naturally produces. There is no shortage of anything. The illusion of
shortage has been used as a highly effective marketing tool that enriches a few and
causes unimaginable devastation to our planet’s ecological systems.

Corporations are artificial PERSONS required by law to make
profit, especially for their share holders. It is artificial, not real,
not dynamic, and not natural. It has no capacity to care and has
no feelings, no soul, no life. Its model is GROWTH: year after
year after year. This is antithetical to nature which operates in
seasons and cycles and renews and regenerates itself, naturally.
Onesmalltown is the antidote to the horrific consequences of
the corporate model for doing business.

OST is completely voluntary. You must be a member to participate, and everyone
can become a member as long as you treat other members with honesty and
respect. You can stop being a member any time you wish. You can rejoin as a
member if you change your mind. OST is completely voluntary, and free.
Contribusionism is what results when men and women freely contribute their gifts,
ideas, talents, time and energy toward projects that benefit both ourselves and our


OST produces only the very best, organic,
high energy and high frequency products
and benefits for its members and
communities. If it is not good for
everyone, it is no good at all. OST is a
complete paradigm shift in thinking. It is
like turning your brain inside out,

Imagining, then EXPERIENCING, the results of true free collaboration for our mutual
benefit. OST is the most amazing possibility for freedom for all.
It has been growing fast so, There are new updates weekly or more now. WOW!
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